The Real Deal….Chaparral Institute Sets the Record Straight on Current Fires

Dear Friend of the Chaparral,

You are likely shaking your head, like I am, as you hear all the news reports about the latest fires. Dead trees. Past fire suppression. Over-grown brush. As with all the other times, most of what you are hearing is not true.

Here’s what’s actually been happening with the fire that’s posing the greatest risk to lives and property now.

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Watching Sacramento….

Several Sacramento representatives are pushing bills through the legislature at record speed in virtual anonymity during this Covid crisis — and many as we’ve been advocating against are bills targeted at the destruction of single family neighborhoods. And, lest we forget, the continual erosion of CEQA is the other favored fast-tracking legislation that is taking place….

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Rep. Lieu Clarifies His Position – Pulls Endorsement of N

LOS ANGELES – Today, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) issued the following statement regarding Measure N in Calabasas:

“The federal government has very little to do with local land use decisions. However, I endorsed Measure N because I support keeping the 80 units of affordable housing at Avalon Calabasas. I was informed yesterday that the Measure would also result in an additional 161 units of market rate housing. I was not aware of that fact when I endorsed the Measure. My failure to do adequate due diligence is on me. I now no longer endorse Measure N and am neutral on the Measure. I believe this issue is best left up to the voters and local elected officials.”

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