Beat the Borer! Save our Trees!

Invasive Shothole Borer is on our doorstep now.

L.A. County has a PLAN to work with our stakeholders to combat the invasive shot hole borer that is on our doorstep now in the SMMs and COG cities. Here is their PLAN:

Have a look at the tree species this invasive shot hole borer favors. Contrary to what has been reported, oaks are not its preference. You will see traps set up now throughout the mountains. 
Max Regis – Deputy Director – ACWM-Pest Exclusion/Produce Quality, is in charge of this for. the County and we believe he understands our fierce concern and protection of our trees. Max is not focused in any way on tree removals — as a matter of fact, he relayed that trees can and do fight this intruder off successfully. Accelerator trees are different.

We cannot be successful with this endeavor unless we have buy-in of all our communities. The only way to verify this invasive shot hole borer is in a lab. It cannot be determined any other way, so, if anyone tells you otherwise, it is false. 

LA County will assist in this process from the start to the finish — if you identify a tree that you believe may have the invasive shot hole borer (see how to do this), they will come out and take a sample, and send it to the lab. And, depending on the result, they will bring that information back to the Tree Committee and resident for discussion about next necessary steps, which they will also take care of, including getting permits for trimming, etc. If you are not a member of the Tree Committee and would like to be included, please let us know. We can do this.