Olympic Mountain Biking – Not for Paramount Ranch


From Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Superintendent, David Szymanski:                                                                                                     

Thank you for providing comments about LA 2024’s request to apply for a permit to use Paramount Ranch for an Olympic event.

After considering public comments, as well as the current use of the site, the National Park Service has informed LA 2024 that Paramount Ranch would not be an appropriate location for the LA 2024 Olympic Mountain Biking event. NPS does support civic events such as the Olympics. In 2002, many NPS employees provided security and assistance for the Salt Lake City Winter Games. However, NPS locations are not always appropriate for the competitions themselves.

We received 62 comments on this item. Many were thoughtful, balanced and considered all sides of this proposal. Thank you for your comments and for the interest and passion that all of you have – whether you were for or against the event – in protecting the mountains.