Calabasas Peak Motorway Megamansion Applicants Withdraw Appeal

From Los Angeles County Regional Planning:

Re: Project No. R2008-00115, R2008-00116, R2008-00257, R2008-00258-(3)- Conditional Use Permit No. 200800012, 200800013, 201000024, 201000025; – Variance No. 200800003, 200800004, 200800007, 200800008; Oak Tree Permit 201000006;

On September 1, 2016, the applicants’ agent for the above mentioned projects with all related applications, has requested on behalf of his clients the withdrawl of the appeal of the Hearing Officer’s action on April 5, 2016, which denied all projects and applications due to inactivity. The agent has specified that his clients will put the subject properties up for sale.

Therefore, the Calabasas Peak Motorway Appeal Hearing is CANCELLED FOR SEPT. 7!