Rep. Lieu Clarifies His Position – Pulls Endorsement of N

LOS ANGELES – Today, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) issued the following statement regarding Measure N in Calabasas:

“The federal government has very little to do with local land use decisions. However, I endorsed Measure N because I support keeping the 80 units of affordable housing at Avalon Calabasas. I was informed yesterday that the Measure would also result in an additional 161 units of market rate housing. I was not aware of that fact when I endorsed the Measure. My failure to do adequate due diligence is on me. I now no longer endorse Measure N and am neutral on the Measure. I believe this issue is best left up to the voters and local elected officials.”

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SB 50 Fails on the Senate Floor

SB 50 has gone down to defeat on the Senate floor.

The Federation is grateful to our Senator, Senator Henry Stern, for holding firm with a NO vote on SB 50, despite intense pressure from special interests outside of our district, including from a few misguided enviros who either can’t read the bill or who purposefully ignored the hidden exception that promoted urban sprawl in high fire severity zones.

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