We Support Critical Mountain Lion Research! Kudos to National Park Service!

You bet we’re taking the bait – and we’re setting the record straight. Last week’s “bully babble” letter to the editor in The Acorn Newspaper, spewing contempt for one of our most admired GOOD GUY biologists and the incredible work of the National Park Service (NPS) is not going to stand. And, fear-mongering is so old and so tired and so passe. Keep up the great work Jeff Sikich and NPS! We support you 100%. For 38 years, the Federation and our communities have admired and respected your dedication and passion in preserving this magnificent wildland park we all call home. We embrace your cutting edge mountain lion preservation efforts, your research methods, and your passion – which we totally share.

We are privileged and grateful to have the expertise of the NPS biologists and scientists interwoven into the fabric of this unique mosaic of wild and urban. Lest we forget how important that is. Our quality of life has been directly enhanced by the contributions the park service has made and continues to make to our neighborhoods and cities.

Constructive dialogue, outreach, and community input and service have always been redeeming features of the National Park Service. We know! No agency does it better.

And, we marvel at what has been accomplished on the public’s behalf and for the public’s benefit; and are grateful Jeff et al, for your integrity and courage. 

We join NPS in speaking out and up for all of the “wild and wonderful”, that have no voice of their own. There is no place or merit in inflammatory rhetoric fiction, misdirected personal attacks, and scare tactics. Instead consider that we are part of something extraordinary – that is so incredible thrilling and so worth fighting for – keeping these mountain lions alive and thriving in the county’s largest urban park.

Saving this great place and these great lions for the future is a challenge we can all take and make together. We can do it!