Another Reason to VOTE NO on Measure F in Calabasas….


Here is a link to yesterday’s article in City Watch from Beth Kramer – “Calabasas Gets An F on Development.”

An intriguing, well-written article articulating some of the behind-the-scenes actions by Calabasas Councilmember and development attorney, Fred Gaines – in particular (and others) who support the developer New Home’s mega hotel and subdivision project – both of which required a General Plan amendment and a zoning change. They along with New Homes at the forefront, are intentionally trying to mislead and bully voters with the threat of a “bigger development”, if they don’t acquiesce to this one. Hmmm where have we heard this before? Same disingenuous tactic we’ve seen over and over again throughout Los Angeles county. Their yes on F campaign is also masquerading as the saver of open space. Nothing could be further from the truth. VOTE NO ON MEASURE F.