First Win to Monte Nido/LCP Prevails! Developer Appeals to BOS…

Update: Vintage Pacific appealed the Regional Planning Commission’s decision to uphold MNVCA’s appeal and invalidate the MND. We will keep you posted as to when this will appear in front of the BOS.

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Friends of the Santa Monica Mountains:

Thank you! Your efforts were stupendous – and an integral part of a great win!

Yesterday, the LA County Regional Planning Department required the Vintage Pacific developer to re-design and submit his 16 home tract housing project to be in full COMPLIANCE with and subject to our newly certified Local Coastal Program (LCP)!

Further, the Regional Planning Commission in a 4-0 vote – upheld the Monte Nido Valley Community Association’s (MNVCA) appeal and invalidated the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) as inadequate. They are requiring the developer to do new environmental review – for a new project. We anticipate of course for a 16 home subdivision in the coastal zone – in our designated rural village of Monte Nido, this constitutes an EIR!

Congratulations to a very strong, determined and organized MNVCA – and particular kudos to the skillful and ever so shrewd Jo Powe – and extraordinary activists Joan Slimocosky, Carrie Baltin, and so many others from Monte Nido – and from the Santa Monica Mountains environ communities.

What a great day – we will keep you informed on the next step in this battle….

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Click on the link to read the Federation’s comment letter:


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Email support:

PROJECT NO. R2012-02436 TO 02440 AND R2013-03620 TO 03630-(3) ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT CASE NO. 201200258

SUPPORT – Invalidate Approvals in Concept for Vintage Pacific. Comply with LCP.
OPPOSE – Validation of MND. Require New Environmental Review.

Honorable Los Angeles County Planning Commissioners,

I/we SUPPORT the LCP – and the staff’s recommendation that the – Vintage Pacific 16 home development tract proposed project – be subject to and implemented under our newly certified Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program (LCP) as required.

I/we also OPPOSE the staff’s recommendation to validate the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND), because it is insufficient for a newly re-designed project under the LCP. It has not adequately addressed the impacts – and therefore requires new environmental review.

A 16 home tract subdivision in the Santa Monica Mountains certified coastal zone will have significant negative impacts to the publics’ resources – it could forever change the rural character of the Monte Nido community nested in the mountains and protected by our LCP; impact our sensitive and finite biological and spectacular scenic resources; impair our wildlife corridors and habitat; and, permanently tarnish the viewshed, particularly from the Backbone Trail.


Your Name/Affiliation(if applicable)/Address