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After nine years at the helm, Calabasas City Attorney Michael Colantuono announced his departure at last week’s City Council meeting. Mr. Colantuono became city attorney in 2003, several months after Barry Groveman was sworn in as a Councilmember.

Apparently however, his firm Colantuono & Levin will continue to serve the city of Calabasas and he will be available to assist the city when his expertise is needed.

Calabasas has been a very lucrative contract for Mr. Colantuono’s firm – bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual basis. These were not the only legal fees incurred by Calabasas taxpayers however. Hundreds of thousands of additional legal dollars were greenlighted for City prosecutor services to Dapeer, Rosenblit and Litvak, LLP  to “prosecute” its residents in the last few years.

Several residents testified at City Council public hearings questioning the wisdom and actions related to these expenditures. Others feared retaliation. Councilmembers Martin and Bozajian also expressed dismay…

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