Public Testimony Points at Hypocrisy in Calabasas

This is a copy of public comment submitted by a citizen at the Calabasas City Council meeting on Wednesday, June 27. 

Hypocrisy is alive and well in the City of Calabasas.

I would like to address item 2 from the last council meeting on June 13th   2012.  This was the nomination for the appointment of a commissioner by Councilmember Martin and I was appalled at the hypocritical way in which this was handled by the Mayor and the remaining councilmembers.

First, the comments made by Council members David Shapiro, James Bozajian and particularly those of Fred Gaines wherein they stated they felt the commissioner to be appointed should have attended the meeting to answer questions. Councilmember Gaines said that he had been consistent in asking that nominated commissioners be in attendance to answer any questions the council might have and that he would like every nominee to be available, particularly midterm appointments.

However, I submit that this is pure baloney and it was a blatant disrespect of both councilmember Martin and the nominee because in fact during item 3  of the April 11th 2012 council meeting there were 3 commissioners appointed, all midterm, 1 by Mayor Mary Sue Maurer,  1 by Councilmember James Bozajian and 1 by Councilmember David Shapiro.  I would remind councilmembers that not a single one of those 3 nominated commissioners was present at that council meeting and yet not a word was uttered by any of you, including councilmember Gaines, about their need to be in attendance for questions.  Clearly there is a double standard when it comes to the nominees of Councilmember Martin, who I remind you was elected as the people’s choice.

Secondly, the Mayor’s comments against the appointment.  She who is suddenly concerned with polarization and civility but sat silent for years while her mentor, former councilmember Groveman railed against residents of Calabasas, limiting their speech, calling them lawbreakers and the like, denigrating them as “people who just come out at night”.

I whole heartedly support passion and dissent and the commitment of the residents who have managed to save the city council from itself on more than one occasion. Freedom of speech – embrace it. And remember, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.

* *

*LVHF Note –  Councilmember Lucy Martin appointed Liat Samouhi to the Environmental Commission with the support of Councilmembers James Bozajian and David Shapiro. Councilmember Gaines abstained and Mayor Mary Sue Maurer opposed.

Ms. Samouhi has been the leader and unequivocal driving force behind the City’s new Wireless Ordinance. She has worked tirelessly for several years, spending thousands of dollars of her own money to ensure that residents across the city are protected – particularly residential and open space areas. She has also been successful and active in several other prominent issues in the City of Calabasas.