Development Prospects Brochure – LA Packaged To Sell?

What do you think of City of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s effort to sell multi million dollar investment opportunities listing development prospects to foreign investors – in a brochure? Is he selling out L.A. Neighborhoods? Read the article and development prospects in the Los Angeles Business Journal: MAYOR TO PUT UP FOR-SALE SIGN DURING ASIA TRIP – Idea Hall

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Scorecard Calabasas: Bozajian/Gaines/Weintraub/Shapiro Vote FOR Variance to SCAR Protected Ridgeline with 10,000 SF Megamansion…

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.19.26 PMDigging an assumed SEPTIC for a 10,000 SF mega-mansion on one of Calabasas’ now no-longer protected, pristine significant ridgelines began this week in Old Topanga – with a variance approved by Mayor James Bozajian, and Councilmembers Fred Gaines, David Shapiro, and Alicia Weintraub (as a Planning Commissioner) .….IMG_2184 Continue reading