SCE To Comply With LCP

Residents of the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program: 

We have had many complaints and concerns recently of intimidating action taken by Southern California Edison (SCE) in our LCP neighborhoods — threatening to remove trees on private property (native and non native) and excessive cutting of trees that threaten their survival. SCE is fear mongering residents with threats of liability unless they comply. 

If you have been the recipient of a recent visit and liability threat from Southern California Edison (SCE) or any of its representatives including tree removal companies, please be advised: 

1. SCE will not be taking action on any of the door hangers and other threats of tree removals/cutting left at homes at this time. 

2. SCE will not be engaging in further neighborhood activity in this regard. 

3. You will see SCE in your neighborhoods; but only in regard to compiling an inventory of the work they would like to do. 

4. SCE is then required to take this data back to LA County Regional Planning — who will decide what LCP permits they are required to apply for  – i.e. CDP’s, etc. 

In the meantime, should you encounter wayward SCE activity continuing with any scare tactics other than observing and working on an inventory list, please call your HOA rep to report to LA County code enforcement. 

We are grateful to Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s office for their dedication in protecting our communities, preserving the SMMs, and enforcing the LCP.