Precious P-47 Succumbs to Rat Poisons – This Must Stop

The tragic death of yet another one of our treasured mountain lions was just announced by the National Park Service (see below). It is so unbelievably sad and unnecessary.  
We have all chosen this privilege of living in the urban wildland interface here in the Santa Monica Mountains and environs; and, with that comes responsibility. We must take responsibility for where we live — survival of our wildlife is dependent upon “our” actions. 
First, the Woolsey fire destroyed almost 100,000 acres of their habitat. Yet, P-47 managed to survive the catastrophic fire — and then he is poisoned by the irresponsible and illegal (in the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone) use of rat poisons. 
Please — educate your homeowners, neighbors, and friends about the unintended consequences of using rat poisons. They are lethal to our wildlife. Not for one moment do we think any resident or stakeholder intentionally wants to poison and subject mountain lions, bobcats, raptors, coyotes, etc., to a horribly slow and painful death. But the fact is — using rat poisons does exactly that. 
There are a multitude of non-poison, responsible options available for dealing with rodents. Poison Free Malibu has long been the leader, advocate, and voice of educating the public here in the Santa Monica Mountains against the use of rodenticides — and offering alternatives. Please go to their website at for more information. They will advise, and even come to your HOA meetings to help you educate your residents…