New Leaf Blower Prohibition in Woolsey Fire Burn Areas

Supervisor Kuehl Introduces: Temporary Prohibition on Use of Leaf Blowers in the Woolsey Fire Burn Area. 

The Woolsey Fire destroyed hundreds of homes and devastated thousands of residents in our County from Westlake Village to Malibu.  The County Health Officer determined the need for careful handling and disposal of fire ash and debris in order to minimize exposure and potential harm to residents and workers.  The Health Officer further determined that any action that disturbs fire ash and dust in the burn area can create local air pollution that may cause respiratory irritation to nearby residents and workers.  As fire victims begin the cleanup and recovery process, the County has received multiple reports of localized air pollution created by the use of leaf blowers in the burn area. In response, the Health Officer has recommended that steps be taken to temporarily prohibit the use of leaf blowers in the burn area.
Therefore, in order to minimize further health impacts to fire victims and the general public, I move that the County temporarily prohibit the use of leaf blowers within the impacted burn area, and further that the Health Officer in consultation with other appropriate County Departments, determine when conditions warrant a removal of this temporary prohibition.