Santa Monica Mountains LCP Animal Enclosure Guidelines

The following guidelines clarify the criteria for what is routine repair and maintenance of an existing animal facility for the protection of livestock from predators, and what is considered new development, which is subject to a permit under the SMMLCP. This policy applies only to properties that have existing, legally-established animal facilities in the Coastal Zone.

  1. Routine repair and maintenance not subject to the LCP

Affixing chicken wire or equivalent material to an existing animal enclosure is not considered development and therefore does not require a coastal development permit. Any other modification to an existing animal enclosure requires review for compliance with the LCP. Enclosures such as rings, shade structures, sheds, and barns are enclosures that may be repaired/maintained with chicken wire. Chicken wire or equivalent material shall not be affixed to wildlife permeable fences, such as split-rail fences.

  1. A new animal facility structure is development and is subject to the LCP

A new animal (non-horse only) containment facility can be approved with a Local Coastal Program Conformance Review (LCP- CR, fee: $490) if it meets the following criteria:

  • Structure must be less than 120 square feet.
  • Structure shall not increase the required fuel modification area.
  • Structure shall be located in H3, at least 100 feet from a riparian habitat, and within/or immediately adjacent to an existing animal related facility.
  • Structure shall be placed on the ground with stakes–no foundation, no further preparation of the site other than what is necessary to secure the enclosure in place such as with stakes or its equivalent.