Calabasas – Petition Signatures Submitted – Referendum to put New Home Co’s Canyon Oaks Hotel & Subdivision on Ballot

Kudos to the tireless Calabasas community activists who delivered petition signatures to the city of Calabasas yesterday to meet the July 21 deadline. And, a big thank you to so many Calabasas residents for signing the petition; for standing up for their city; for wanting to be informed and vote for upholding their planning laws; and to attempt to hold their elected and city employees accountable to the people. Unknown-8



Let the people of Calabasas decide whether they want another subdivision and another hotel on Las Virgenes Road (at the intersection of Agoura Road). In addition to the Canyon Oaks hotel and subdivision below, there is a new, recently approved hotel (Rondell Oasis) on Las Virgenes, and the current Paxton subdivision that is already under construction.

Calabasas City Council (in a 3-2 vote) approved the MEGA “Canyon Oaks 111 room hotel and 71 home subdivision” on Las Virgenes, despite the fact that it broke the city’s land-use laws and required a General Plan amendment and a zoning change. Because of that, local community residents were enabled by state law, to launch and circulate a petition that asks Calabasas residents if they want to put this project on the ballot in November to vote on it themselves!

Let the people decide whether they want another greenlighted hotel and monster subdivision that will be block the spectacular views of the rolling hillsides, change the character of surrounding communities and negatively impact the beautiful gateway into the Santa Monica Mountains. And, let the people decide whether they want to be bullied by The New Home Company whose interest is solely and purely profit at the expense of the city’s neighborhood integrity.

And just what we need ….. another subdivision, another hotel, and more traffic on Las Virgenes.