FOR Calabasas’ Award Winning General Plan…


Did you know Calabasas has an award winning General Plan (GP) ?

“The 2030 GP involved a 21-month process involving the City Council, Planning Commission, General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) made up of 20 individuals representing broad segments of the community, key community stakeholders, city and consultant staff, and the public at large. The extensive public involvement included….” (see page I-2 for a list of the extensive public outreach that took place). Calabasas citizens paid over $1 million – for the GP alone (does not include the Development Code update).


According to the Calabasas General Plan – “Calabasas incorporated as a city in 1991 so it could exercise local control of the community’s future. Among the original goals of incorporation were placement of greater emphasis on environmental protection and design compatibility, and creation of transitions between urban and rural land uses.”

“The General Plan functions as a guide to the type of community that Calabasas citizens desire for their future. It is a constitution for local decision making including environmental sensitivity and preservation, public services, and economic vitality.” According to state guidelines, “it is the foundation upon which all land use decisions are to be based.”

Community Vision:

“Calabasas is located in a beautiful natural setting that the community intends to protect for the enjoyment of future generations. In recognition of the importance of retaining the characteristics that make Calabasas a special place, the General Plan is strongly oriented toward protecting the natural environment and managing the manmade environment, thereby ensuring that future development occurs in a manner that is consistent with local community values.”

“The General Plan provides a long-term action agenda to following in achieving the vision of Calabasas residents which is expressed in three dominant themes:

Environmental Responsibility – preservation/enhancement of natural resources and living within the limits imposed by available resources

Community Character – protection of Calabasas’ special character 

Quality of Life – maintaining an outstanding quality of life for Calabasas residents.”

[page I-11]

Environmental Responsibility

“Maintenance of a high quality of life is dependent upon a high quality environment. The area’s natural environment is invariably cited as the key to Calabasas’ desirability, and preservation of open space is generally cited as the community’s number one priority. Protecting the area’s remaining natural hillsides, ridgelines, and significant habitat areas, as well as preserving remaining open lands in their natural state, are important concerns of area residents.”

[page I-10]