Friends of the Santa Monica Mountains and supporters of our Local Coastal Program – ​

​​On Tuesday, August 26, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (BOS), will hear the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program (LCP) – for FINAL approval. We’re a breath away – after seven years of stakeholder input and two unanimous Coastal Commission hearings.

But, at this the eleventh hour, expediters ​working for shameful​ ​mega​ vineyard ​”special ​​interests” that would strip our pristine mountains and destroy our most sensitive coastal resources – ​​have launched a major offensive – a last ditch effort to derail our LCP.​ ​We cannot ​let that happen. ​We cannot let them triumph over “our – the public’s best interests.”

Championed by our Supervisor, Zev Yaroslavsky, “the LCP is a stunning achievement … a tribute to all the stakeholders ​- environmentalists, equestrians, homeowners, agricultural interests, among others ​- who came together to find common ground​.” WE NEED THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS TO FINISH THE JOB AND APPROVE THE LCP ​WITHOUT DELAY!

​Here is ​​what you ​need to do:

1. Cut and paste the e-mail ​below ​and send immediately to the Board of Supervisors at ​​​ ​ It is imperative to get your letters of support in significant numbers to the Board ASAP.  ​

2. Come to the hearing at ​the Board – on Tuesday, August 26 to show your support – 9:30 a.m. – 500 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, 90012. Stand up for our LCP!

​We are grateful for your help​. Thank you on behalf of all th​at is​ wild and ​wonderful in the Santa Monica Mountains​ and in our extraordinary coastal ​ environs.​

Kim Lamorie
President, Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation Inc., of the Santa Monica Mountains


​Email to:  

Subject Line of Email:VOTE YES – SUPPORT THE LCP​

Honorable Board of Supervisors:

​Please​ vote YES and give your FINAL APPROVAL to the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program (LCP) on August 26, without further delay.

After seven years of stakeholder input, your two approvals in February, and two unanimous approvals by the Coastal Commission – now is the time to give the LCP your final, enthusiastic stamp of approval.​

It is the true culmination of an unprecedented community effort​ ​- fair and equitable – and brilliantly crafted in cooperation and compromise that will protect both the environment and the rights of property owners. Its certification will be a major victory for you as our elected leaders, the environment, and all of us, who live in, recreate in, and visit the Santa Monica Mountains.

​After waiting for more than 35 years, your vote in support of the LCP will finally restore local County control so that residents and property owners will not have to go to the Coastal Commission every time they want to remodel their ​homes, expand home garden​s​, or build new horse ​corrals.

Thank you for your support of the Santa Monica Mountains LCP this past February and I wholeheartedly ask you to vote to approve the LCP now.