Modeled after Malibu – Calabasas Term Limits Initiative Launched….

On September 19th, Calabasas resident and Old Topanga Homeowner’s President Jody Thomas filed papers with the City Clerk calling for an initiative to limit the number of consecutive terms a Councilmember may serve.

Under the initiative, terms would be limited to two consecutive four year terms with the requirement that an individual wait a full four year term before seeking election again. This initiative would not impose a lifetime ban.  The City of Malibu adopted similar legislation back in 2000.  Earlier this year, returning Malibu Councilmember Joan House won her 4th election since the City’s incorporation in 1991.

After review and comment by the Calabasas City Attorney, petitions will be drawn up and signatures gathered from ten percent of the City’s registered voters to call for a vote during the next scheduled election.

Term limits promote fresh thinking and a true Citizen’s City Council while discouraging the foothold of special interests and incumbent entrenchment.

“My goal in launching this initiative is to level the playing field to create greater opportunities for more Calabasas residents’ involvement in our City’s governance,” said Thomas. See for more information.

The Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation voted by majority to support the Initiative.