Federation Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, September 19, 2012


1. SOS – Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Name Change

2. LVUSD – Performing Arts Centers – Update


1. Federation Welcomes Calabasas Councilmember James Bozajian

2. Cornell Recognition Campaign Presentation. “To preserve and promote the special nature of Cornell, California – a historic and prestigious mountain community amongst 5,000 acres of parkland.” Steve Hess, Paul Culberg

3. Chesebro Meadow Liberty Canyon Wildlife Corridor Preservation. Jess Thomas

4. Santa Susana Field Lab Update – Aerospace Contamination Museum of Education. William Preston Bowling

5. Tribute to our Past President John Low 

6. Upcoming Calabasas Initiatives Launched! Jody Thomas

7. A Strategic New Alliance & Formation of Joint Federation Save CEQA Committee!

8. Resurrected & increased development in Calabasas – Project issues, status, permits, etc. Liz Stephens. Mulholland Corridor Committee. Don Wallace.