Great Meeting! SSFL Update/Info and How to Drive a Successful Initiative…

Thank you to all for an outstanding meeting.  Great to meet you Mic Farris and we look forward to working with you on Initiatives in the future!

The Federation also thanks our Santa Susana Field Lab presenters from the Department of Energy, EPA,  the California Department of Toxic Substances Control and William Preston Bowling.The information they shared with us was very valuable and helpful in understanding the investigation of the site. If anyone has questions, they can contact the following individuals and they will be able to get them in contact with the correct person to answer their questions. 

Project Oversight – Department of Toxic Substances Control Yvette US Department of Energy Jazmin NASA Merrilee Boeing Kamara



 New Business

1. Thousand Oaks Right to Vote Initiative becomes law! Guest speaker: Mic Farris, Thousand Oaks Planning Commissioner, who initiated and drove the successful Right Right to Vote campaign, recently adopted into law in TO. Mic will talk about the initiative process and how to successfully lead one. He will give guidance and know-how to others who are interested in standing up for their rights as voters and citizens.  

2. *Santa Susana Field Lab Forum* –  Presentation, Perspective,  Discussion. 

    Guest Speakers  

From the US Department of Energy:

John Jones, Federal Project Director

Stephie Jennings, Deputy Federal Project Director

Jazmin Bell, Public Participation Specialist 

From the California Department of Toxic Substances Control: 

Laura Rainey, Senior Engineering Geologist

Tom Seckington, Senior Engineering Geologist (Groundwater Investigative Specialist)

Yvette LaDuke, Public Participation Specialist 

From the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA (San Francisco)

Mary Aycock, Remedial Project Manager 

                             From the Aerospace Cancer Museum of Education (ACME)  

William Preston Bowling, Founder

  * * * 

 3. City of Calabasas Continuing Prosecution of Residents in Old Topanga.  Update/Discussion/Action – Guest(s)

 4. SOS Request for Name Change Support: Santa Monica Mountains and Seashore National Park (Margot Feuer supported) 


 1. TASC – Report of Topanga Watershed Meeting with Caltrans.