About LVHF

Friends of the Santa Monica Mountains!

Welcome to LVHF, the Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation, protecting and preserving the Santa Monica Mountains since 1968. The Federation is an umbrella organization of homeowner associations and groups in the Santa Monica Mountains and environs dedicated to bringing residents, government agencies and stakeholders together to improve the experience of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Our Purpose and Objective

The Federation shall serve to coordinate and unify homeowner and property owner associations, individuals and organizations; to act as a voice of the area in community matters, and to provide for a means of bringing legitimate grievances to the attention of the appropriate individuals, organizations or governing bodies.

The Federation shall provide a means to develop cooperation, communication, coordination and understanding between groups, homeowner and property owner associations and all applicable and appropriate civic, governmental, business, neighboring homeowner federation and various miscellaneous organizations.

The Federation shall keep informed on all matters concerning recreational, residential and commercial development of the area, and express its position concerning these matters to the appropriate civic, governmental, and business organizations.

The Federation shall make known to its member associations its position on local community, civic and governmental issues, and shall actively support those issues beneficial to the Santa Monica Mountains and environs and shall actively campaign against those issues detrimental to the area.

The Federation shall work toward and for the conservation and preservation of open space.