Don’t Be Fooled! Save Calabasas – NO on Measure F!

Don’t be fooled and buy into the same old developer driven lies, bullying and hyperbole. Preserve Calabasas – it’s viewsheds, biological resources and NEIGHBORHOODS. Vote NO – on Measure F! mikes-general-plan-with-weeping-eagle-mock-up-version-2 Without a victory for “No on F” Tuesday, this image could be the new coversheet for the Calabasas General Plan! Major development across the City will become more rampant than ever before, as the General Plan governing our quality of life and future becomes disregarded over and over again. The current Canyon Oaks development (in the canyon across Las Virgenes from
McDonalds) by the New Home Company  (same builder as the monstrosity Avanti project, next to the Calabasas Swim/Tennis Center), is attempting to get a win on “Yes on F”. Don’t let the developer prevail. Preserve Calabasas by voting NO on Measure F.

Governor Approves SB 958 – Establishes LA County Redistricting Commission

SB 958 –(Lara and Hall) Establishes LA County Redistricting Commission Status:*APPROVED BY THE GOVERNOR
This bill establishes the Citizens Redistricting Commission in the County of Los Angeles, which would be charged with adjusting the boundary lines of the districts of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles. The commission would consist of 14 members who meet specified qualifications. This bill requires the Commission to adjust the boundaries of the Los Angeles County Supervisorial Districts in accordance with specified criteria and adopt a redistricting plan, which would become effective 30 days following its submission to the county elections official.