Is Calabasas Part of the Valley?

Planning Laws Affect Property Values and Define the City and Neighborhood You Live In

Re-zoning, giving variances and amendments to developers so they can usurp a city’s land-use laws negatively impacts residents’ quality of life and property values, but it’s also about money and power…“In this County, the power to rezone property involves the power to create great wealth, and the effect of corrupt action by a public official in these matters, in my opinion, is just as reprehensible as taking money from the public treasury…the expectation of buying property for X dollars and then applying for [variances] to make the value of that property 10 times X shows it’s a free-for-all.” Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.19.26 PM(Excerpted from LA Times, Oct. 14,2015 (Patt Morrison article) 

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