Weintraub Proposes – Cemetery for Malibu, Hotel for Calabasas

There is yet another hotel project being proposed for Calabasas’ westside – on the heels of the Canyon Oaks Development which also includes a nearby hotel project.

This one is from – Rondell Oasis, LLC – (Richard Weintraub) – represented by attorney and Calabasas Councilmember Fred Gaines (who according to the Malibu Times is also “a partner of hotel developer Richard Weintraub”) in the ​Rancho Malibu Hotel Project that was slated to be built across from Pepperdine on Malibu Canyon.

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We Win! Santa Monica Mountains LCP Approved by BOS

Friends of the Santa Monica Mountains and supporters of our Local Coastal Program​, ​

Thank you! ​We did it – you did it! ​Your ​personal testimony and hundreds and hundreds of ​letters of support ​over this lengthy hearing and approval process made all the difference. The Santa Monica Mountains ​will finally have a Local Coastal Program (LCP). What a great day to celebrate final approval of the most important document ever to govern land-use in the Santa Monica Mountains! ​

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Friends of the Santa Monica Mountains and supporters of our Local Coastal Program – ​

​​On Tuesday, August 26, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (BOS), will hear the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program (LCP) – for FINAL approval. We’re a breath away – after seven years of stakeholder input and two unanimous Coastal Commission hearings.

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Coastal Commission Unanimously Approves Santa Monica Mountains LIP!

In another historic vote, on Thursday, July 10, the California Coastal Commission (CCC) unanimously approved Los Angeles County’s Santa Monica Mountains Local Implementation Program (LIP). The LIP is one of two components of the Local Coastal Program (LCP) – the other being, the Land Use Plan (LUP) which was also just recently unanimously approved by the CCC.

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